Tubular motor is widely used in both industrial and residential

Tubular can be used in motorized roller blinds, motorized roller shutters, scissor lift solution,and awning. Our tubular motor ensures a simple and speedy assembly and is suitable for industrial use.Furthermore, the tubular motor is maintenance-free with a long life span and is equipped with a thermal overload protection system. The ease of mechanical limit setting combined with the silent running of the motor makes this model really successful. Our tubular motor have passed certifications TÜV,CE,RoHS.


Mechanical limit switch : set limit through limit setting tool, and control with emitter

Electronical limit switch: set limit through emitter, and control with emitter 

DC tubular motor: set limit through emitter, and control with emitter, DC power 

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Battery-operated tubular motors (DC)
Tubular motors with hand crank
Garage door opener