HR120036A - 

External radio receiver, for tubular motor and others, 230 V/AC  

The universal, external radio receiver HR120036A is suitable for operating motors of shutters, awnings, blinds and other electrical loads such as lighting, pond pumps, etc.  

Our emitters can operate with one or more radio receivers at the same time. With the emitter HR120030A, receivers can be automatically controlled by a timer (timer function).
Permitted connected load max. 400 W. • External radio receiver which can either be accommodated  in  a  flush mount box or mounted on a surface


• Succeeding that, once connected with the tubular motor, it can be controlled through a compatible radio emitter
• Receiver is only compatible with transmitters HR120026A,  HR120028A, HR120029A, HR120030A, HR120032WA and HR120038A
• Radio frequency 433.92 MHz
• User manual included
• Suitable for all standard flush mount box


Light grey




HR120036A - 



我們的發射器可以同時控制一台或多台接收器。搭配發射器HR120030A, 接收器可以被自動計時器最大負載400W


• 外置接收器暗裝或明裝
• 與管狀馬達連接,可以被能夠相容的發射器控制
• 該接收器只能配套發射器HR120026A,HR120030A, HR120032WA,
  HR120028A 和 HR120038A
• 遙控器頻率433.92MHz
• 包含使用手冊
• 適合所有標準的盒子