HR120039 - 

The heicko isolation relay is necessary for the parallel connection of tubular motors (with mechanical and electronic limits). Depending on the application, with our switch HR120035 or the timer HR120034/-34A. In addition, due to the relay, single- as well as group circuits are possible.


• Isolation relay for tubular motors
• 230 V/AC
• Allows the parallel connection of tubular and awning motors
• Individual and group circuits are possible (application examples on
• Suitable for all standard flush mount boxes


This is a necessity when operating multiple motors with one switch


Grey / Green




HR120039 - 

Heicko 分控器可以並聯馬達(機械馬達和電子限位馬達)根據應用,可以配合Heicko開關HR120035 或者計時器HR120034/-34A實現群控和單獨控制


• 管狀馬達分控器
• 230V,交流
• 實現管狀馬達、遮陽棚馬達並聯
• 可以實現單控和群控(詳細應用見
• 適合所有歐洲明裝盒




灰色 / 綠色