HR120034 - 

Switch with timer function and display, suitable for flush mount box, 230 V/AC

heicko timer for the control of all standard tubular motors (with two control lines UP / DOWN). Through 8 programs, individual days of the week or different classifications can be assigned. A detailed description you can find in the instruction manual. 
The clock and display are powered by AC. If the power fails, the settings are guaranteed by a built in button battery (power reserve of up to 4 weeks). The plastic outer frame can be easily removed to integrate the clock switch to another program with a corresponding intermediate frame. The clock has a depth of approximately 35 mm and is suitable for installation in any standard flush mount box.


•  “Up and Down” switch suitable for flush mount box for  tubular motors
•  With display and timer function
•  Direct connection to the tubular motor and AC power supply is requested
•  Switch can be set to ‘Open and Close’ at different  
   times, e.g. open/close a roller shutter
•  Switch without external frame: 50 x 50 mm
•  Suitable for all common standard flush mount boxes


White RAL 9003






HR120034 - 





• “上/下”開關,與歐洲暗裝盒通配,用在馬達上
• 具有顯示和定時功能
• 直接與管狀馬達連接,AC電源供電
• 該開關可設置不同時間的“開和關”,例如:捲窗開/關
• 不帶外邊框尺寸:50*50mm
• 適用於所有通用的暗裝盒  


白色 RAL 9003